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BEWARE !! This is List of SCAM PTC Site this year (UPDATED)

PTC is Paid to Click , it paying if we click another member ads and we can also put of our ads in there for another member to click on it.
PTC can provide you a lot of money if you know how its work, but it can be gone worng when the owner of PTC site gone wrong, not paying to member and finally SCAM .
So we need to be aware if join to a PTC site , here is the list of SCAM PTC site :


27 November 2015 (Scam): (Same Admin eurobuxpaid, everbuxpaid & ngptcbux) Big Scamer Admin, Account Delete (Same Admin ebpaidrev, everbuxpaid & ngptcbux) Big Scamer Admin, Account Suspended (Same Admin ebpaidrev, eurobuxpaid & ngptcbux) Big Scamer Admin, Not Paid Me (Same Admin ebpaidrev, eurobuxpaid & everbuxpaid) Big Scamer Admin, Remove My Payment

26 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer Admin) Fake Payment Proof (Not Paid Me)

25 November 2015 (Scam): (Scam)
24 November 2015 (Scam): (Closed)

23 November 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Stop Paying) (Stop Paying)

22 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer Admin) False DR Contest Win Prize Send & Fake Proof Of Payment, PROOFPROOF
20 November 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) Account Delete (Closed) (Domin Suspended)

18 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer), Not Paid Me & Remove my request payout (Big Scamer), Not Paid Me (Big Scamer), Not Paid Me

17 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer Admin) Account Ballance & All DR Remove

14 November 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam)

14 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer)

13 November 2015 (Scam): (Closed)
11 November 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) Closed
10 November 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Suspecious Admin) Big Scamer (Scam)
09 November 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) (Complaints about pending payments on their forum) (Possible gone, a complaint received about deleted account, after a member investing)
08 November 2015 (Scam): (Suspecious Admin) Big Scamer (Scamer Admin) not paid, Account Dalete
07 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer)
04 November 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer) (Not Paid Me)

02 November 2015 (Scam): (Closed Site) (Closed Site) (Stop Paying)

01 November 2015 (Scam): (Stop Paying) (Big Scamer)

31 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Same Admin polarptc) Not paid me & Stop Paying (Same Admin flatclix) Not paid me & Stop Paying

28 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Not recommended) (Complaints about non payments on their forum)

25 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Same Admin welloclix & wellobux) Big Scamer Admin (Same Admin welloverts & wellobux) Big Scamer Admin (Same Admin welloverts & welloclix) Big Scamer Admin

24 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (My 4 Payment Pending, 4 days Ago, contect Admin But Not responsed) Big Scamer Admin, Site Closed Comming Soon (Same Admin Adbrook) Big Scam (Scam) (Scamer Admin)

23 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Stop Paying) (Not Paid Me)

22 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer Admin)
21 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer Admin) (Big Scamer Admin) (Scamer Admin) (Scam)

20 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Fake Proof All Payment) Closed Forum. (Scam)

19 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Same Admin gulfclix)Scamer Admin

17 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Fake Uploade My Payment Proof) (Fake Uploade My Payment Proof) my 3 fake proof $115+, Big Scamer, open my 5 payment Desput, Carfully i sugest All Member open desput, Scamer Admin, Site Cosed.
16 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Scamer Admin) not paid, Account Dalete

15 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Fake Payment Proof)
14 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin)

13 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer) Same realptc, Fake Payment Proof (Big Scamer) Same my6clix, Fake Payment Proof

11 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Suspecious) (Not Paid Me)

10 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) (Not Paid Me) Scamer Admin, Fake Payment Proof. (Not Paid Me)

09 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin)

08 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Closed)

07 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (Fake payment proof)

06 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Stop Paying)

05 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) (Closed) (Scamer Admin Not paid me)

03 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Complaints about non payments on their forum) (Gone)
02 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Payment Closed & All BP Remove) (Not Paid Me)

01 Octomber 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) (Not Paid Me)

30 September 2015 (Scam): (Closed)

29 September 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) Not Paid Me (Stop Payment)

27 September 2015 (Scam): (CFake Payment Proof)
26 September 2015 (Scam): (upgradepays Same Admin, Not Paid Me) (ultimateearningsbux Same Admin, Scamer)

23 September 2015 (Scam): (Gone) (Closed) (Stop Paying)

22 September 2015 (Scam): (Account Expayer/Suspended) (Scamer Admin) (Closed)

21 September 2015 (Scam): (Suspended my Account) (Uses ilegal license of script, not recommended) (Not recommended) (Gone)

20 September 2015 (Scam): (Pending Payment) (Scamer Admin)

17 September 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Fake Payment Proof) (Not Paid Me)

14 September 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Closed)

13 September 2015 (Scam): (Closed)

12 September 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (Not Paid Me)

11 September 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) Delete My Account

10 September 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer) Not Paid Me (Fake Payment Proof) (Pending Payment) (Pending Payment)

09 September 2015 (Scam): (Big Scamer Admin) I Request my 1St Payment But Suspended My Account

08 September 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin)

07 September 2015 (Scam): (Fake Payment Proof)

06 September 2015 (Scam): (Stop Paying)

05 September 2015 (Scam):
http// (Closed) (MY Payment fake Proof, Username: newptcsite)

03 September 2015 (Scam): (Not recommended) (Suspicious) (Suspicious)

31 August 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (Closed) (Not Paid Me)

30 August 2015 (Scam): (Must Invest to Payout) (Not Paid Me)

29 August 2015 (Scam): (Must Invest to Payout) (Scam)

28 August 2015 (Scam): (Payout Change $0.01 To $2 USD) (Not Paid Me)

27 August 2015 (Scam): (Dose Not Paid) (Commissions Not Paid )

26 August 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (Don't Pay)
25 August 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) (Scam) (Invest To Payout)
24 August 2015 (Scam): (Invest for Payout) (Not Paid Me)

23 August 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (My Account Delete)

22 August 2015 (Scam): (Scam)

20 August 2015 (Scam): (My 2 Payment Pending) i open ticket but admin not responsedProof
19 August 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin)

18 August 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin)
17 August 2015 (Scam): (Suspicious) (Does not pay, abandoned)
14 August 2015 (Scam): (Fake Payment Proof) (Invest To Payout)

13 August 2015 (Scam): (Pending Payment) (Fake proof of Payment)

12 August 2015 (Scam): (Has the same owner as, not recommended) (Has the same owner as, not recommended) (Has the same owner as, not recommended)

11 August 2015 (Scam): (Pending Payment) (Pending Payment)

10 August 2015 (Scam): (Pending Payment 2 month) (Pending Payment)

09 August 2015 (Scam): (Gone) (Scam) (Scam)

08 August 2015 (Scam): (Stop Paying) (Not recommended)

07 August 2015 (Scam): (Stop Paying)

06 August 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (Not Paid Me)

05 August 2015 (Scam): (Not Paid Me) (Not Paid Me)

02 August 2015 (Scam): (Free domain, not recommended)

01 August 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam)

31 July 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Stop Paying)

30 July 2015 (Scam): (Scamer Admin) (Scam) (Stop Paying)

29 July 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam) (Scam) (Scam)

28 July 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam) (Scam) (Scam)

27 July 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam) (Scam)

26 July 2015 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam)

25 July 2015 (Scam): (Not recommended)

24 July 2015 (Scam): (Closed) (Closed) (Scam) (Pending Payment)

This List will be Updated when there is new SCAM PTC site


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